Aldein, Italy

The Fine Hotel & Hideaway Berghoferin is an aesthetically pleasing high-quality retreat for guests with just 13 suites and the charm of a meticulously curated private estate. Picturesquely located at 1,500 m above sea level, nestled in a wonderfully hilly and mountainous landscape in South Tyrol, Italy, it was remodelled with a strong focus on integrating it into the surrounding countryside and aligning it with the region’s history and values while also enhancing it with some very special highlights. It considers itself to be a place of savoir-vivre that promises enjoyment in a sophisticated, culture-savvy atmosphere as well as a refuge for guests seeking to find calm and slow down the pace of everyday life for a while in the surrounding nature and the many possibilities it has to offer. Berghoferin is both a Fine Hotel & Hideaway.




  • The thirteen suites at the Fine Hotel & Hideaway Berghoferin serve as thirteen special guest retreats, each with a different spacious size and location (overlooking the mountains), individual room layout, incl. balconies and verandas and its own design and furnishings to satisfy a wide range of personal needs and wishes (incl. private saunas).
  • With a variety of salons, parlours, patios, lounges, reading nooks, terraces, and pavilions, the Fine Hotel & Hideaway Berghoferin offers its guests plenty of room(s) outside of their suites as well
  • International Airport Bolzano is offering good connections to many European cities (with direct flights in summer from Antwerp, Copenhagen, London, Berlin …)

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