hotel collection

Our Hotel Collection is a handpicked selection of hotels with a distinctive character representing their plusses that match your personality as traveller.

Why book directly?

The more you invest in direct bookings for the accommodations, the more they can give you back. Today many remarkable accommodations are under pressure by the commission model, and thus services to guest, experience and services are not maximised as it should be.

We believe in a direct sales model with no intermediaries. Guests and travellers enjoy more privileges and get more out of their stay. Choose for a direct and personalised stay.


No intermediary
Vazy emulates an exclusive direct link between guest and hotel/villa. Connect directly with the hotel in order to enjoy

  • best rooms located in the hotel
  • special requests
  • customized stay
  • Vazy privileges

Selection process
We are very selective in our process. Not all hotels are allowed in this collection. We look for their distinctive character.

We believe that special hotels deserve a statute of their own. We list hotels not on their prices, number of stars and reviews, but on the essence of their character. Spectacular experiences make a journey worth remembering such as hearing and watching the varying sound of the ocean waves during the day from the room you are sleeping, enjoying a local glass of red wine with view on the stars skyline… 

Personal preferences
Every journey is different, every traveller is different. How can you find the right match when there is an oversupply of hotels? Looking for a wow-hotel? More than looking for luxury and design, but up to something special that matches your preference for that specific journey or moment?


We see remarkable hotels disappearing in the oversupply. We select a hotel/villa with a soul, character and story. Vazy wishes to contribute and preserve the landscape of extraordinary hotels.