When acoustic wonders take over



Uplifting expressions for the successful conversion of an old wine factory to a luxury barefoot hotel. Our visit at Dexamenes earns an inspired message.

The most legendary during our stay is entering a universe of that subject which was almost unknown to experience and that moment took us personally on unlimited reflections & sentiments. The old winery tank located in the center of the hotel between design suites is very robust, imposant & industrial but somehow also integrated, soft and so attractive.

One might think that the wine tank is a tale without Mother Earth’s presence. On the contrary, the wonders of nature have never been more present inside the tank. The framed & narrowed view on the sky translates the rationality of timings & clocks to observations of the transforming colours in the sky during daylight. The harmonious notes of silence and sea waves let you melt in an oasis of the spectacular.

Yoga and massage sessions are hosted in this winery tank. At the same time, you can choose any moment to visit this space. A magical way to escape quickly during the day from the surrounding world, and to take a moment connecting deeper with yourself.