On the quest for a mindful & intimate connection

On the quest for a mindful & intimate connection

The luxury hospitality sector is transforming. The immaterial is progressively becoming more important in the world of boutique hotels. A new approach is being installed at (new) luxury boutique hotels where the main focus is directed towards the authentic connection between traveller & hotel.

Redefinition of luxury

Luxury – with focus on showing how you dress & showing wealth in materialism – is not how you can convince the progressive & refined traveller for a stay. The refined traveller is looking for hotels where they can immerse in the local world, learn new (intellectual) thoughts, catch sunrise in a historical garden or stargaze between wine fields.

A new approach

Based on these tendencies, we have found that (new) small boutique hotels are differently approaching their business model & philosophy. To convince the refined & progressive traveller a visionair and creative entrepreneur owning the hotel and driving the hotel forward is getting more important.

The beauty of creativity is the variety of implementing this new approach. From reconnecting to your spiritual & physical self to immersing yourself in the authentic world of the hotel. More than ever, loading the batteries on spiritual & physical level has never been this important today. Deconnecting from the digital world, and reconnecting to the essential rhythms & sources of Mother Earth.

Mindful & intimate connection

The traveller is more conscious in his decision to chose a hotel. The buy & bye customer is becoming a traveller who tends to seek a connection with a hotel through it’s personal approach. The moral insight the traveller discovered during their stay and takes with him home is becoming a more important part of a vacation.