Introducing the refined traveller (part 1)



From an encounter with a local family in the Anti-Atlas mountains after a 2 hours walk, the smell of Italian coffee beans when passing in one of the narrow streets of a small village in Tuscany to observing the sunset falling on the warm terracotta colours, is what drives the refined traveller.

This type of traveller leads their journey by the senses, inquisitive spirit, and by the ‘heat’ they carry to discover things they encounter on their path. 













A refined taste is rather defined by experiential moments, intellectual insights and the admiration for pure creations by Mother Earth or human’s creativity than making choices that only refer to materialist luxury. 


It is the ‘heat’ that drives curiosity and allows understanding beauty from simplicity.


Godfried Schalken, Girl with a burning candle, shoving aside a curtain
1684 – 1690